A Brief Guide to the Fascinating History of Hair Restoration

Androgenetic Alopecia, more commonly known as male-pattern baldness, accounts for almost 95% of hair loss issues. Fortunately, we know many of the factors that play into this genetic disorder, as well as hair restoration solutions to lessen its effects. But it definitely wasn’t always that way. Hair restoration and hair loss have quite the interesting […]

Important Tips to Help You Recover From FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a fairly common medical issue that affects men and women alike. The frequency of this medical issue has led many to research hair transplant surgery in different areas of the country. Researching the cost of hair transplant in Los Angeles might yield different results than in another area, but the procedures are […]

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Approximately 35 million men in the United States are currently suffering from some form of hair loss. Although men make up the majority of those suffering from hair loss, it affects all genders, though sometimes in different ways. Before you can go about treating your hair loss or get an FUE hair transplant, it’s important […]

Experiencing Hair Loss? Here Are the Treatments Available to You

Hair loss affects countless individuals around the world every day. In fact, approximately 85% of men will have lost some degree of their hair by the age of 50. However, there are treatments available for those patients suffering from any degree of hair loss. Whether you’re researching options for you or for someone else, here […]