What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Hair Loss

hair loss

Are you noticing that your hair is thinning, even though you’ve always had a great head of hair?

You’re not alone; about 85% of men will have significantly thinning hair by age 50 and many women will face some type of hair loss at some point in their lives. Sometimes it’s a genetic thing, but it could also be caused by something you probably never thought of.

Here are some unusual reasons you might be experiencing hair loss.

The Weather
There’s no better time to blame the changing of the seasons because that could be exactly what’s causing your hair to thin. Women naturally “shed” some of their hair at various times, although the amount that is shed could increase due to climate changes. During the summer, a woman’s hair grows quite a lot and then it falls out, or thins, during the fall. While a normal fluctuation of seasons doesn’t typically cause major hair fall, an abnormal season change can interrupt your hair’s natural growth cycle. Things like traveling a lot to different climates throughout the year can cause your hair to fall more than usual.

Giving Birth
If you experience postpartum hair loss don’t worry, it’s actually a common occurrence. Pregnancy causes your hormones to spike, but after the delivery when those hormones drop your hair can sometimes respond by falling out. Your body naturally goes into the shedding phase of your hair growth cycle, but it’s usually not permanent. Once your hormones level back out and your body gets readjusted, your hair should get back on a normal growth cycle.

Your Pillowcase
It’s an unfortunate cause, really, but a common one. Your hair is extremely sensitive to stimulus and if it doesn’t “like” something, it will react negatively. If your pillowcase causes a lot of friction with your hair, then your hair will weaken and be more prone to falling out. Pillowcases made from materials like cotton are known to weaken hairs because its an absorptive material which dries the moisture in your hair while you sleep, making it brittle and susceptible to falling out.

Hair thinning is never a fun ordeal to go through, but there are ways to correct it. Hair transplants and hair replacements can help you get back to the head of hair you’re accustomed to.

Contact a hair restoration specialist today if you’re experiencing thinning hair.

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