Scalp Micropigmentation: How It Can Change Your Life If You Don’t Believe These Myths


Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you’re experiencing thinning hair, you aren’t alone.

In just the United States, roughly 35 million men have some degree of hair loss and/or baldness. Luckily, there are numerous treatments available that can help you regain your hair and your confidence.

One hair loss treatment, in particular, can help you put a stop to worrying about your thinning hair: scalp micropigmentation. This is the process of injecting ink into the scalp to imitate hair follicles. While this procedure can benefit many people who need it, it is often the base of many myths. It’s important to clear those misconceptions so that you can make a decision based on fact.

MYTH: It doesn’t look natural
A hair loss specialist with years of scalp micropigmentation experience will be able to treat your hair so well, not even you will be able to tell. Staring at the photos you see on provider websites isn’t the best way to appreciate the full extent of the treatment. People might argue that there’s no way to mimic hair, which is three-dimensional, with a two-dimensional process. Frankly, the process is so thorough that they even add a layer of shadowing to give your new “hair” depth and reality. In the real world with day-to-day interactions, nobody will ever know the difference.

MYTH: You have to be bald
This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the treatment. The procedure doesn’t require you to shave your head. Many people opt to do so because it may be the style they already have, or their hair is in a such a state when there isn’t much left to do besides shave it. Yet scalp micropigmentation can be viable for those who have scars they’d like to cover, balding spots that need to be darkened, or just to add depth. There are numerous reasons to receive treatment, and they don’t require you to shave your head.

MYTH: It’s just for men
Both men and women can get the procedure, despite it being popular with men. For women, it can add depth and thickness to otherwise thinning hair. Either gender can receive the benefits of the treatment with a professional provider.

Hair loss can be embarrassing, and undergoing certain treatments that prove to be ineffective can add to that embarrassment. If you choose to opt for a pigmentation procedure, be sure to research your specialist thoroughly. The right specialist will give you back your hair as well as your confidence.

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