Do You Have a Scar on Your Scalp? Consider an FUE Transplant

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No human being is perfect. That’s what makes us human. We all have flaws, both emotional and physical. This fact is not unique to any one person, but everyone’s flaws are unique to them.

When it comes to physical scars, people typically try to cover them up as much as possible. Women who feel too short may wear high heels, others cover up their blemished skin with makeup, while overweight people try to work out and get in shape. But what happens when it’s not that easy to cover up an imperfection?

Scars are one of those imperfections that can be very difficult to hide. Millions of people have scars, but many are fortunate that they are in places on the body that can be hidden by clothing. Unfortunately, many people have scars on their heads, which can be very difficult to hide. Often times, the scar causes hair not to grow in the affected area. But this doesn’t have to be a problem. If you are looking for a scar revision doctor in Los Angeles, look no further.

The answer to your problems could be a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure. During an FUE procedure, single follicular unit grafts are collected one at a time. They are collected using a tiny punch, which typically ranged from .7 to one millimeter in size. Individual follicular unit grafts are hair groupings of one to four hairs that naturally occur on the scalp. These natural follicular units are then transplanted to the scar tissue site, allowing hair to naturally grow where it couldn’t before.

A scar revision doctor in Los Angeles can get your FUE hair transplant completed in as little as one day. The procedure is done while the patient is completely awake, so no anesthesia is necessary.

The healing time for this procedure is very quick as well. In only a matter of days, redness and swelling goes down and the hair follicles take to the skin. This means that you don’t have to worry about the procedure making your problem area worse before it gets better.

People get FUE hair transplants for many reasons, but covering up scar tissue with naturally growing hair is an increasingly popular option. Regardless of your reasoning, if you want an unsightly scar covered up on your scalp, considered sitting for an FUE hair transplant.

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