What You Can Expect Following a Hair Transplant Procedure

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By the time a man turns 35 years old there’s a two-thirds chance that he will have experienced some degree of appreciable hair loss. What does “appreciable hair loss” mean in this context? It means that other people have started to notice that bald patch or thinning hair.

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant at a hair clinic, there may be a lot rolling through your mind. Because men so rarely talk about hair loss treatments amongst themselves, most men have no idea what to expect following a hair transplant procedure. You may also be wondering what types of side effects are common after undergoing the procedure.

It’s important to note that there are a few things one should know about what happens following the procedure, but please discuss these issues with your doctor in more detail. People tend to have questions about the recovery time, aftercare, and side effects, and your hair replacement clinic should take the time to provide this information. In the meantime, here’s a quick guide on what to expect after a hair replacement surgery.

With many medical procedures, there are often things that one should avoid or cut back on following the event. In the case of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE,) one important restriction is showering. You may wash your body in the shower, but you need to take extra caution when it comes to your head. Just like tattoos, you have to avoid direct pressure to the site of the grafts, so putting water onto your head may not be the best idea. It’s recommended that you avoid doing this for at least 10 days.

Returning to Work
Since this is a medical procedure, you may need to take a few days off of work to recover. Typically, people go back to work within one to three days after the procedure. However, things are different for everyone and you may need a little bit more time to let your grafts heal. Pay attention to what your body is telling you, and if you really think you need an extra day or two, take them.

Infections and Pain
The pain from an FUE is extremely minimal. However, there are chances that you may experience some discomfort. If you find yourself in too much pain to handle, call your doctor immediately. They may be able to give you a prescription in case of infection, or they can have you come in to be checked out for unexpected complications.

Ultimately, everyone reacts to hair replacement for hair loss differently. Men can fully resume normal activities in just two to 14 days after the procedure, but it all depends on the individual. Finally, keep in mind that large hair replacement procedures that involve more than 500 grafts often take longer to recover from.

If you have any concerns or specific questions, reach out to a hair loss specialist at a respected hair clinic for answers to all of your questions.

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