3 Ways to Ease Hair Loss Troubles

hair loss

Hair loss is more common than many people realize when they first notice it in themselves. Often, the initial reaction is to panic, but this is a common issue, faced by many. In fact, about two-thirds of men in America experience it to some degree by the age of 35, and by 50 years old that number is about 85%. Currently there are around 35 million men in America dealing with hair loss and/or baldness. In addition to it being common, there are a ton of ways to both prevent and combat hair loss. Read on for just a few ways to help out.

Manage Stress
This is both a way to prevent and a way to combat loss of hair. Your stress affects your overall health, and one of the things affected is your scalp. Many men first start to experience hair loss after a big promotion or their first child. Those big stressors though could be magnified by a loss of hair, if you freak out. The key is limiting stress as much as possible. Not only will you prevent it, but once you calm down, you may see hair restoration in some situations.

Biotin is a great way to keep hair healthy overall. Many women use it for faster growing hair and nails, in fact. The same can be said in men, as biotin is actually called vitamin H. It can be a help if you don’t want to invest time in receiving the help of a hair loss specialist.

Hair Transplants
If you want the help of a hair loss specialist, a hair transplant is what many will recommend. Hair replacement is, arguably, the easiest way to ensure a quick and easy fix to any loss of hair. Many men do not want to wear a wig, so the quickest fix after that is hair transplants. Not only are they less obvious, they’re more durable!

Are you using these treatments? Do you have any advice for others? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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