3 Ways to Improve Hair Loss

scalp micropigmentation

For many men around the world, hair loss in within their top 10 fears. Studies show that men are terrified of hair loss because they feel that it makes them unattractive and less successful in the workplace. It’s linked to a ton of other fears men have about aging as well. But what if you could reverse the process even after it’s started? Hair strands usually grow for two to six years before going into a resting phase, and they fall out after several months. Because of this process, about 50% of a man’s hair is already gone before it becomes visible as growth. Luckily treatments such as scalp micropigmentation, FUE, and more are now available to help men out!

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
This process is also known as follicular transfer, and it is a surgical method used to obtain follicular units. These units contain one to four hairs on average, and are used in hair transplants. Hair transplants are done by exchanging grafts from other parts of your scalp to put healthy hair back on your head.

Hair Replacement
Hair replacements come in numerous processes, one of which is follicular unit extraction. Another one of these methods is called scalp micropigmentation. In this process, a professional uses natural pigments in order to mimic real strands of hair. This is a process that gives you a realistic look without needing a full on surgery, which can be daunting. True professionals working with this method take their time with each person in order to copy the uniqueness of their natural hair in order to give the most realistic and natural look possible, making this a very favorable method.

Hair Restoration
Methods of hair restoration have been around for years, but some are definitely tried and true. For this method, you can use ointments and hair loss drugs in order to try and restore your hair. This is usually the first thing that doctors recommend to someone who is worried about their hair loss.

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