Can COVID Cause Hair Loss?

The short answer is yes, COVID can lead to hair loss. COVID patients have reported hair loss as a long-term side effect. Other common symptoms include brain fog, fever, and loss of smell and taste. Fever is a common symptom of COVID, and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s common to experience hair loss after a fever. Another contributing factor to hair loss is stress, which is brought about by COVID.

Hair Loss Affects All

Hair loss affects women as much as it does men. Its triggers include childbirth, the onset of menopause, and hormonal medications. Others include hospitalization, viral infections, significant emotional stress, surgery, or thyroid dysfunction. Hair loss is known to affect diverse spheres of men’s lives, including interpersonal relationships, and professional careers. It’s not uncommon to find some people changing their career paths due to this condition.

The Rise of Hair Clinics

The disruptive effects of baldness have led to the rise of many amazing hair clinics. Today, you are more likely to come across a hair clinic not far from where you are. The American Hair Loss Association understands the societal pressures linked to balding for men of all ages. It addresses both male and female pattern baldness. There are only two clinically proven FDA-approved products to prevent or stop hair loss. There are also only a handful of surgeons conducting surgical hair restoration to top-notch standards.

Dr. Rahal’s Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Process

Unlike the traditional hair transplant processes, Dr. Rahal’s FUE process is fast-healing and doesn’t involve staples, stitches, or scalpels. It individually harvests each hair follicle using a high-powered, low-impact precision magnification tool. Next, the individual hair is restored by transplanting it in the exact format; that is, in the same angle and direction of hair growth, giving it a completely natural appearance. This process leaves no scars and enhances quick healing and guaranteed growth since the follicles’ survival rates are higher than in traditional FUE processes. Dr. Rahal’s FUE hair transplant process results in a natural hair restoration feel and look. Unlike traditional FUE, it takes days to see results, and no special styling is needed to cover up scars since there are none in the first place.

Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The robotic FUE process that uses the ARTAS system involves robots harvesting follicles and creating the recipient site with great consistency and precision during the entire process. This procedure has advantages over the manual FUE process as it increases the accuracy of graft harvesting and reduces harvest time. It also increases harvested follicular units’ survival rate, increases accuracy in the created recipient sites, and prevents damage to preexisting hair during recipient site creation at a hair clinic.

At least 96% of hair loss in men is attributed to MPB (male pattern baldness). It’s worth noting that two-thirds of American men will have suffered a form of hair loss by the age of 35. Approximately 25% of men affected by hair loss experience it before age 21. Don’t suffer in silence, check in to our hair clinic to get world-class treatment and restore your confidence. Contact us today for further consultation.

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