How to Recover From Your Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair transplant surgery and scar revisions are a great way to boost self-confidence. However, remember a few key things to ensure your hair transplant goes as expected. We’ll review everything you need to know to recover from your surgery.

Before-Care Instructions

According to the National Library of Medicine, the donor hair site must be reduced to 2mm pre-operation. Following instructions like this ensures the transplant is successful, and recovery time is minimal. Your doctor will give you a complete list of instructions to follow before you have surgery.

Don’t Touch the Area

It’s crucial to avoid touching the area. You may want to because you have a new head full of gorgeous hair, but doing so can cause graft displacement. Only touch your hair transplants if you have to. Avoid wearing anything tight that touches them, like hats or hoodies. Don’t let anyone else feel it, either.

Wear Protective Caps

While you shouldn’t wear anything tight on your head, a loose-fitting protective cap is often recommended. The hair grafts aren’t secure for a couple of weeks after surgery. A loose-fitting cap will help keep them in place until they are secure. Ask your doctor’s office if they have recommendations or offer an aftercare package with a protective headgear.

Post-Op Instructions

Your doctor will give you a list of instructions to follow after surgery. You must follow all of them. Some surgeons put on a loose-fitting bandage to protect the hair transplants. If you had scar revisions, you will receive instructions to care for the wound. Most doctors advise that you sleep with your head elevated to help reduce swelling in the area. Always follow all the instructions, and contact your doctor before going against them.

Don’t Work Out Yet

Taking a few weeks off your gym routine can be disheartening, but it’s essential not to work out until your doctor says it’s okay. Going hard at the gym results in a buildup of sweat and bacteria. The bacteria can get into the wound of scar revisions or hair transplants. This can cause an infection because there will be open wounds that need to heal. Usually, patients can resume working out within a week.

Hair transplants and scar revisions are a great way to enjoy a full head of beautiful hair when other options aren’t working. We’ll give you a complete list regarding aftercare to ensure your hair grafts don’t get dislodged. Contact us for more information today.

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