3 Tips For Post-Hair Transplant Procedures

hair restoration

Did you know that half of a man’s head of hair will be gone before it becomes cosmetically visible? That means that you can be experiencing hair loss for a long time before you notice it enough to take action.

But what actions can you take? The sad truth is that there is, at least not presently, a hair restoration procedure that is 100% guaranteed. But there are options for men who are experiencing it to some degree. One of these is hair transplant or hair replacement surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is a form of hair restoration that takes hairs from more dense locations on the body or head and moves it somewhere that is less dense. This spreads out the available hairs to create a more uniform hairline.

Following the procedure, however, you want to do several things to keep yourself in good condition and avoid any complications. Here is a list of things that you should do after hair restoration surgery:

Take Care of Your Scar
No matter how skilled the surgeon that did the hair transplant, there will be scars. Maybe not a great deal of them, maybe not noticeable, but there will inevitably be some. And while waiting for new follicles to grow, you should take medications to reduce swelling.

This can reduce irritation of the scalp and keep you from touching your head, which you should not do under any circumstances post-surgery.

Avoid Physical Activity
Your doctor or surgeon will tell you to avoid sunlight in large amounts after surgery, but you should also avoid activities that will make you sweat. Sweating increases the risk of infection to a large extent. Avoid steams and saunas as well.

Clean Immediately
Keep your scalp clean throughout the recovery phase, it’ll be sore and numb in certain places, especially where the incision was made. Keep your medication usage to the prescribed level, and don’t obsess about whether the new hair will grow. Focus on other activities instead.
These are just some tips to help with the hair restoration process, whether that be for men or women who have undergone some form of procedure. If you have any questions about hair restoration or hair transplants, please contact us.

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