5 Signs You’re Ready for Hair Loss Treatment

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By the age of 35, nearly two-thirds of American men have visibly thinning hair. By the age of 50, nearly 85% of men have noticeable hair loss. Because hair loss in men is nearly unavoidable, you will probably need to decide at some point in your life if you want to do something about it. But when is the best time to seek hair loss treatment? Here are some signs that you might be ready.

You have permanent hair loss.

Stress, hormones, injury, environment, medications, and disease can all cause hair loss. If one of these is the culprit in your case, the hair loss that you’re experiencing could be temporary. You should see your doctor to see what’s really causing your balding before you decide to seek treatment. According to the kind of hair loss dermatologist Los Angeles patients trust, hair transplant surgery options — such as FUE (or follicular unit extraction) — are for permanent hair loss. Permanent hair loss is typically caused by conditions that can’t be changed, such as male pattern baldness. If this is true for your hair loss, you may want to meet with a specialist to discuss your options.

Your hair loss is affecting your confidence.

If you find that you’re embarrassed by your hair loss when you’re out in public or that you’re most comfortable in a hat because hair loss affects your confidence, you might be ready for treatment. Many men (and women) try new hairstyles, scalp makeup, or even hairpieces to try to cover their thinning hair. However, the only permanent (and most natural-looking) solution is usually hair transplant surgery.

You’re at least 18 years old.

Sometimes, permanent hair loss can be seen in teenagers and even children. However, a hair loss specialist won’t be able to transplant hair appropriately when you are still growing. Hair patterns and growth can change over time, so you need to wait until you are at least 18 to make sure that these changes won’t affect the new hair.

You have donor hair.

When you consult with a hair loss dermatologist Los Angeles patients recommend, you may find that you need to have donor hair available somewhere on your body in order to have hair transplant surgery. Donor hair follicles are taken from the sides or back of your head, your chest, arms, legs, or back. Once the follicles are transplanted, new hair will grow where they’ve been placed. Without the option of donor hair, you may not have the same kinds of transplant procedures available to you.

You’ve found a good hair loss dermatologist.

Not all hair loss dermatologists will have treatments that are right for you. Not all of them will be knowledgeable either. You should do your research before meeting with any hair loss dermatologist Los Angeles has to offer. Look online and read reviews. You could get a referral from your doctor or even a friend. You should visit several clinics and be sure to ask a lot of questions. Assuming you’ve found a hair loss dermatologist with excellent ratings and who specializes in the kind of treatment you need, you may be able to move ahead with your decision.

Hair loss doesn’t have to take away your confidence or change who you are. If you are suffering, you aren’t alone. Nowadays, hair loss is so common that many people seek treatment. As long as your hair loss is permanent, you’re old enough, and you have donor hair, you can do something about it. For more information on how we can help, please contact us today.

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