Why Fue Hair Transplants Are Widely Preferred

Bosleys FUE

Natural hair loss in men is common and a good number of men start balding at the age of 35. In North America alone, more than 35 million men report experiencing some hair loss. While thinning hair is typical, it brings forth some undesirable effects in a person’s life and may affect their confidence. This is especially true if the hair loss comes at an early stage in life. However, hair loss specialists can now do hair replacement through hair transplant surgery. That said, there exist several hair restoration techniques, but follicular unit excision (FUE) is by far the most effective hair transplant.

Through FUE hair transplant, hairs are extracted from the back of your head and implanted on the balding parts. FUE transplants are most preferred because the implanted hair takes a natural look, as it grows and blends with the original hair. As such, many men who experience hair loss at a younger age opt for bosleys fue transplants. You could also opt for follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which is also referred to as the strip removal method. However, bosleys fue transplant remains the widely favored method of hair restoration because of the following benefits:

1. Bosleys Fue Hair Restoration Does Not Leave Noticeable Scars

This is one of the major reasons FUE hair transplants are widely favored as opposed to FUT. For FUE surgery, implant-hair is extracted from your scalp one by one using a handheld device. It does not involve deep-cutting surgery. Therefore, there are no linear scars left on the scalp. The last thing you want from a hair transplant is having noticeable scars left all over your head.

A bosleys fue hair restoration saves you from this, as the implant- hair is evenly put across your scalp. Additionally, the implanted hair will grow uniformly and blend with the rest of the hair in a matter of weeks. Soon enough, you will have a full head of hair! It will be as if you never went bald, and the hair transplant never happened. Even under scrutiny, very few people will notice — FUE transplants are that good.

2. Fue Hair Restorations Are Entirely Natural

Given that the donor grafts used to fill the bald spots are taken from your scalp, there is no synthetic hair required. As such, your hair will grow back wholly natural and mix in perfectly with the existing hair. The fact that no synthetic hair is added during FUE hair restoration surgery makes the method widely favored. It is crucial that your hair remains uniform and as natural as possible, as one can quickly point out synthetic hair from a distance. You need your hair to look completely normal, and you will achieve this through FUE hair transplants.

3. Quick and Painless Recovery

After a FUE hair restoration most people take one to two days to recover. You might, however, decide to take longer so that the implanted hair blends in with the existing hair. Even in doing that, it would take about two to three weeks to become uniform. Which is fair given that you probably won’t need another transplant for a long time. The fact that there is no strip removal involved makes FUE painless and promotes faster recovery.

4. Fue Hair Restoration Is Long-Lasting

Duuring FUE hair is extracted from the healthiest parts of the scalp that are more resistant to hair loss. As a result, your hair transplant will last longer as the grafts will continue to produce more hair. This will keep you with a full head of hair for the foreseeable future. It is when you advance in old age and experience more hair loss that you will need to do another FUE restoration.

FUE hair transplant is your best bet to deal with hair loss at any stage in life. A visit to a hair restoration specialist will give you a clear picture of what you need. Luckily, there are many hair clinics in Los Angeles that offer FUE hair transplants.

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