Advantages of a Proper Hair Transplant

hair replacement

In terms of cosmetic appeal, hair loss treatment is one of the most important industries for men. Hair loss is common in nearly all males and happens gradually over time. Normally, a strand of hair will grow for two to six years before going into a resting phase and then eventually falling out. When this happens, many men opt to see a hair loss specialist for thinning hair.


When it comes to hair treatment or regrowth, what is the best course of action? Is it pills? Maybe creams? In truth, the most decisive and beneficial course of action is a hair transplant. There are many advantages to getting a hair transplant. Here are just a few:


Improve Your Physical Appearance: It is no secret that nice hair does a lot for improving a person’s physical appearance. For most men, the reason they want a hair transplant is that they aren’t comfortable with how they look while balding. A proper FUE hair transplant can help fill the balding patches, improving the physical appearance of a man, and help him feel more attractive and confident.


Hair Transplants are Permanent: This is a huge benefit over topical treatments or even wigs. Hair transplants are a permanent remedy to balding or thinning hair. When it comes to hair replacement, you definitely want permanent. Permanent solutions make it easy for you to maintain a profession and attractive physical appearance without having to worry about another pill, cream, or wig. Seriously, when looking into hair replacement, only go with permanent solutions.


Completely Eliminates Balding: Unlike topical solutions that might only partially remedy balding, hair transplants are a hair replacement solution that can completely get rid of balding. Once the surgeon is finished with the affected regions, there will never be receding hairlines or bald spots in those areas ever again. Look at the statistics. The success rate for hair replacement surgery is extremely high.


Low Maintenance Solution: In addition to being the best overall solution for men experiencing hair loss, having hair surgery is also extremely low maintenance. Perhaps the only thing that would be lower maintenance would be committing to the bald and shaving your head entirely! Hair transplants work like regular hair. This means no special chemicals, oils, rubs, or shampoos needed. Simply do your hair each morning like you used to. It’s that simple. Additionally, hair transplants are a one time process, so there is no need to go back to see the doctor again and again.


Big Cost Savings: All of this translates into significant cost savings. While up front getting an FUE hair surgery might appear more expensive, over the long run you will save significant money. Again, hair surgery is a one time thing. No more spending extra money on endless visits to specialists, buying additional product that is unnecessary and doesn’t really work that well, or worrying about if the hair is there to stay. Get it done right the first time, and in addition to having great physical looks restored, there will be no need to keep paying for solutions that aren’t actually working.


As you get ready for your hair replacement treatment there are a few things to keep in mind. Be sure to consult with us specifically to get a full list of things to do to ensure a successful transplant, but here are some things you should expect:


  • No Smoking for 24 hours before surgery. This can affect the healing process.


  • No alcohol for three days before the surgery. Ideally, spend a week dry before coming in.


  • Do not cut your hair before the surgery.


  • If possible, massage your scalp 10-30 minutes per day for the 30 days before the surgery. This will soften the skin and improve blood flow.


  • Talk to us about medications. Certain medications can interfere with the surgery.


  • No aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication two weeks before surgery.


  • Avoid beta-blockers and blood thinning drugs (such as anti-depressants) two weeks before surgery.


  • No multi vitamins for two weeks before surgery.


This might seem like an intense list, but it is important for your hair replacement surgery. There is a reason we have such a wildly high success rate with our treatments. It’s because we take these things seriously. Call today to schedule your hair replacement treatment.

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