All You Need to Know About FUE Hair Transplants

fue hair transplant

Thinning hair is a problem for men nationwide. By the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss, with that number growing to 85% by the age of 50. If you are feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about losing your hair, consider a FUE hair transplant. Here is everything you need to know about this method of hair replacement.

What is FUE?
FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which involves the transplantation of entire follicular units from a patient’s donor area. It is one of the most widely used hair restoration methods practiced in the nation.

How does it work?
Hair grows in small groups called follicular units. In a FUE hair transplant, the hair loss specialist will harvest multiple units from a patient’s donor area through the help of a circular punch tool. This tool leaves a very tiny hole, so there is no need for stitches and there will not be a scar.

Where is the donor area?
This area is typically located on the back side of the head, close to the scalp. It is chosen by hair specialists due to its ability to withstand balding, and because of its resistance, the hair will still grow after harvesting.

Who can benefit from this procedure?
FUE is used as a widespread treatment for many different conditions, ranging from male patterned baldness to alopecia. It can be used for women to fix their widow’s peaks, or it can be used for those who require eyebrow or eyelash transplants. Men can even use it on their beard and mustaches.

What are the benefits of FUE hair transplant?

There are many benefits of FUE, including:

1. No linear scar. The donor site is minimally affected.

2. Quick healing time. The grafts will be healed in about five days.

3. Little to no discomfort. The hair specialist will use numbing anesthesia similar to dental Novocaine.

4. A natural look. This method of hair transplanting is hard to distinguish from natural hair.

5. Large donor area. If the patient has little hair on their head, they may be able to use the hair on their chest, abdomen, and/or beard.

Overall, the FUE hair transplanting process will allow you to grow your own hair quickly and naturally. So what are you waiting for? The hair of your dreams is waiting.

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