Hair Loss Myths Debunked

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Hair loss Los Angeles patients have found has only one permanent solution. The permanent solution hair loss Los Angeles patients have discovered is a Los Angeles hair transplant. Hair loss affects millions of people, both men and women, totaling about 35 million people in the US. The right hair loss specialist has solutions for hair loss that is delivering amazing results. Hair replacement can be the ideal solution to address your hair loss needs.

There are so many myths hair loss Los Angeles patients share with their hair specialist about the cause of their hair loss, and Los Angeles hair transplant and treatment options. Some of the myths lean toward the funny side of things, while other myths, especially treatment myths can be downright dangerous.

The Myths About Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Historically hair loss has been associated with middle age pattern baldness in men, however, ask a hair loss specialist about how many people they see in other age groups and how many women they treat, and you may be very surprised. Hair specialists treat both men and women of all ages. Anyone can lose their hair.

Hair loss myths are rampant and include:

  • Hats cause baldness
  • Your mother’s father was bald, and now you will experience hair loss
  • Hair products cause baldness
  • Poor circulation causes hair loss, stress, anxiety, and elevated levels of testosterone also get the blame

Wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. We naturally lose about a hundred individual hairs a day. Wearing a hat does not accelerate hair loss, although losing those 100 hairs may seem more obvious when you take your hat off and they are all stuck inside the hat.

Leave Grandpa Alone

For years the belief was that hair loss was handed down from the mother’s side of the genetic pool, and while it is true that hair loss is largely genetic, it can be handed down from either side of the family tree. Like all genetics the closer the relative the more likely you will inherit the trait, but your mother’s father’s hair condition is not a determining factor of whether you will experience hair loss.

All The Rest

It would be unfair to say that stress, anxiety, hair products, and even poor circulation do not play a role in hair loss because they all do, however, that role is a temporary role. Temporary hair loss is situational. It also means if you are losing some hair because of stress, or product use, once the situation resolves itself the hair will grow back. No treatment is necessary.

Hair Loss Treatment Myths

There is a gamut of hair loss treatment myths that simply do not work. Everything from supplements to highly expensive baseball caps to creams and lotions. Home recipes for treatment that have been handed down through the generations, eating animal testicles, and more are all a waste of time.

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