What is the Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Procedure to Minimize Recovery Times

los angeles hair restoration

Los Angeles hair restoration is the permanent hair loss solution that you have been hoping for. Hair loss is a very common issue, most men after the age of 50 begin to experience a significant amount of hair loss. Los Angeles hair restoration can correct the problem.

If you are considering hair transplants Los Angeles patients have used to restore their hair there are a few things you need to know before you get to the hair clinic. This can be the best step you take to get your hair loss under control.

Choosing the Right Method

Fue transplant Los Angeles patients have discovered in the hair replacement method that does not require scalpels, stitches or staples. Other hair transplant methods do. What does it mean if you choose Fue Los Angeles hair restoration? It means:

  • Less recovery time
  • Less pain
  • Less risk of infection

With this type of hair restoration, you do not have to worry about going under the knife, and all the things that can go wrong. This is a state of the art hair loss treatment that is minimally invasive. You get all the results without any of the risks that traditional hair transplants come with.

The Process

The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or Fue Los Angeles hair restoration process does not cut away the scalp skin than staple the donor hair on like the traditional FUSS hair loss treatment does. Donor hair can come from any part of the body. Each individual hair follicle is transplanted.

This process gives the hair loss dermatologist more control of hair density and placement. It also means the patient will recover from the transplant in about 24 hours. This is a less invasive option that reduces risks.

The Results

Most people see results within 5-6 months of the hair transplant by the 12-month mark hair will be fully restored. Some people see amazing results very early on. Results can vary but everyone sees results with this method of hair loss treatment.

The beauty of a hair transplant is that it is your own hair that is growing back. The texture, the thickness, and other qualities all match your natural hair because it is your natural hair that is growing.

If you are suffering from hair loss, the FUE method of hair replacement can work for you. Make your appointment today to learn more about the method and to see how it can help you.

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