Hair Loss Treatment That Works With Minimal Healing Time

There is a myth about effective hair loss treatment that needs to be dispelled. While some hair loss treatment Los Angeles patients have found come complete with long recovery times and scarring, other patients have found the hair loss treatment that comes with an almost zero recovery time and no scarring.

We are talking about a real hair transplant option that helps to restore your natural hair but that does not require a scalpel, general anesthetic, a long recovery time, or scarring. Is it possible? Yes, the FUE hair transplant system delivers all the benefits of hair restoration without any of the negative side effects.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplanting is a process that takes hair from other areas of your body and “transplants” it to the scalp area. Transplanting hair from other areas of your body gets great hair restoration results. Unfortunately, traditional hair transplant procedures leave unsightly scarring, require long recovery times, and like all surgeries come with a great deal of infection risk.

The Fue hair restoration method is done so precisely that the scalp does not have to be cut which of course, reduces the risk of infection, and does not leave scarring. While the area may appear red for a couple of days, most people can return to work and their life immediately following the procedure.

Its Your Own Hair

Instead of cutting away pieces of your skin and then removing the skin on your scalp, the FUE method removes individual donor hairs without making an incision, then that donor’s hair is inserted into the scalp.

The process is less painful and the results are staggering. You do not have to worry about rejection or any other issues because you are the donor for yourself. You also do not have to worry about “going under the knife” and all that entails because no one ever gets near you with a scalpel in this process.

Get Great Results

Hair restoration does not have to come with a ton of risks to get great results. A hair specialist that is experienced in the FUE method can help you get the full head of hair that you want without dealing with long recovery times, and the other negatives that are associated with traditional hair loss treatment. If you are ready to look younger, feel better, and regrow your natural hair, make an appointment today.

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