How Does Hair Loss Work?

hair loss treatment

Hair loss can be devastating for anyone. As people age, one’s hair may naturally thin out a bit. Normally (before balding and/or hair loss takes effect), a strand of hair grows for two to six years, goes into a resting phase for several months, and then falls out, according to Medline Plus. There are many reasons why people experience hair loss, but hair loss treatment is available. Read on for more insight into how hair loss works.

1. Stress

When you’re under an extreme amount of stress, it’s not uncommon for hair to begin falling out. You may not go bald during stress-related hair loss, but you may notice more hair on your pillow after you wake up, coming out when you comb your hair, or when you shampoo it. It’s often tied to hormonal changes that can come with stress. That’s why pregnant women and chronically ill people may experience such hair loss.

2. Medical Treatment

When people undergo treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy, it usually results in a complete loss of hair on the head and sometimes the eyebrows. Other drugs such as warfarin, heparin, and lithium can also cause hair loss, according to Harvard Health.

3. Malnutrition

Like any other part of the body your hair needs minerals and vitamins to grow healthily and steadily. When deprived of vital nutrients you need from a restrictive diet or an illness that doesn’t allow you to eat properly, hair loss may occur. However, hair loss treatment can help.


It’s an autoimmune disease in which your hair may fall out in patches or result in total loss, and it can affect anyone. In some cases, the hair may eventually grow back on its own, but it may not be as full as before.

5. Fungal Infections

Your scalp is also skin, and like any other part of your skin, it can get infected. Certain fungal infections can cause the hair to fall out in patches, and it may cause the scalp to flake or become inflamed.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, hair loss treatment is available. Please visit our caring hair loss practitioners soon. We can perform a life-changing hair transplant in one day. We look forward to a consultation to help you restore your head of hair to its previous glory.

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