How to Choose a FUE Hair Clinic in Los Angeles

Hair loss can be a major source of worry, stress, and panic among men and women. Approximately 50% of American men have a degree of hair loss by the time they attain the age of 35. By age 50, the percentage rises to approximately 85%.

A hair transplant surgery can be a positively life-changing experience. These procedures allow the hair loss specialists to restore hair in the thinning regions, boosting your self-image and confidence. What should you then consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic?

Here are six factors to keep in mind even as you search for “hair clinic Los Angeles.”

1. Know Your Surgeon

You should easily be able to access information on the doctor who will perform your hair restoration on the clinic’s website. Check out their academic certifications as proof of their expertise. FUE techniques require specialized training over and above their dermatology experience. Ask how many patients they have helped over the years to determine their experience. What stages will the surgeon be involved in during the procedure? Do your research and pick the surgeon who can prove results.

2. Look For An Experienced Staff

Even the best surgeon in the world will look subpar when surrounded by a team of incompetent staff. In addition to the doctor’s experience and the equipment used, the skills of the technicians also affect the outcome. Inquire about the staff training and their certifications. Nurses and technicians should be familiar with the process and should be able to provide proof of their training.

3. Check Out the Clinic’s Instrumentation

The best hair clinic Los Angeles can offer will have the latest technologies and instruments to carry out the procedure. The devices used will depend on the type of FUE procedure carried out — whether it’s manual or robotic FUE treatment. Inquire about the procedure the surgeon will follow and the machines to be used. For proprietary instruments, ask to see documented evidence on their success during the procedure.

4. Ask About Preferred Hair Transplant Technique

There are two basic techniques used in hair loss treatment surgeries: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The method you choose has a profound effect on the outcome of your hair restoration. FUT typically leaves a scar that may limit the hairstyles that you can do. When correctly done, FUE hardly leaves a visible scar, making it the most preferred among most clients.

5. Seek Out Before-and-After Results

Every reputable hair clinic Los Angeles patients trust keeps a record of before and after photos of successful surgical procedures. Compare photos with patients having the same hair profile, color, coarseness, and thinning pattern. Be wary of unscrupulous clinics that steal pictures from other sites and parade them as their own. Ask for testimonials from patients and seek out real reviews elsewhere.

6. Examine the Costs

While the FUE procedure may be standard throughout the world, its pricing varies from one clinic to the next. You may be tempted to opt for cheaper practices. This is not always a wise choice. The hair replacement service you receive will affect you for the rest of your life. Choose a clinic that focuses on patient care rather than numbers. Find an affordable practice that offers value for money. This is not a place you should skimp on.

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