Important Tips to Help You Recover From FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair loss is a fairly common medical issue that affects men and women alike. The frequency of this medical issue has led many to research hair transplant surgery in different areas of the country. Researching the cost of hair transplant in Los Angeles might yield different results than in another area, but the procedures are largely the same.

Another thing the vast majority of hair transplant surgeries have in common is recovery time. Healing after an FUE hair transplant varies based on skin type, but redness and swelling typically decrease within four to five days. Here are a few important tips to help you make the most of your hair transplant recovery.

Don’t Wash Your Hair
You will typically visit your doctor the day after your hair transplant surgery for a follow-up appointment. Your hair will be shampooed and dried by the medical team there, and then your doctor will review the next steps of your aftercare with you. Don’t wash your hair when you get home! You shouldn’t touch your scalp until you’ve completed this first post-op appointment.

Listen to Your Doctor
When your doctor gives you aftercare instructions, you need to follow them to a tee. These instructions are incredibly important to your speedy recovery and should be treated as such. Your hair clinic knows best when it comes to aftercare.

Avoid Strenuous Activity
As much as you might not think it, physical activity after any surgical procedure (even a hair transplant!) can increase the risk of infection and other complications. Sweat is something you need to be especially wary of, as it could directly affect the healing process of your hair follicles. You should wait for approval from your doctor before you get back into any physical activity.

Above all else, you need to do your research and listen to your doctor. Researching the cost of hair transplant in Los Angeles might tell you a lot of things, but the Internet will never tell you as much as your doctor or surgeon can.

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