Scalp Micropigmentation: Aftercare Tips

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By the age of 50, about 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. Luckily, many procedures can help individuals feel their best again. One popular treatment is scalp micropigmentation, which uses tattoo-like technology to imitate the appearance of a close buzz cut on the scalp.

In the weeks following a scalp micropigmentation treatment, clients need to follow a care routine to hasten their body’s recovery. After all, micropigmentation is more than a beautician’s hair loss treatment– it’s a minor medical procedure that leaves many small wounds in the skin.

If you’ve recently received full-scalp micropigmentation or a micropigmentation hairline treatment, use the following steps to protect your skin and achieve the best results:

3 Days After

During the first few days, your skin will still be recovering. As such, you should take precautions to limit exposure to fluids and other substances that could cause infection or damage the pigment. Here are a few activities to avoid during this time:

  • Water exposure– this means no swimming, showering, or jogging in the rain!
  • Sweating can also damage results, so avoid cardio exercise and any activities that might cause you to perspire.
  • Shaving– don’t use any kind of foil shaver or razor for the first three days following your treatment.
  • Touching your scalp– you may be tempted to run your hands over the pigmented area, but avoid touching, itching, or picking at the skin to prevent the spread of bacteria.

4-10 Days After

During the next four to 10 days following your treatment, your activities become a bit less restricted. By day four, you can rinse your scalp with water, but avoid using shampoo. After a week has passed, you can cleanse the skin using a gentle face soap. Avoid working up a sweat for as long as possible, or at least for 10 days following the micropigmentation procedure.

A Month After

After a month has passed, you can engage in almost any activity you normally would. While before, spray tans, lotions, and sunscreen would have compromised the pigment, after 30 days you can apply these products. Be careful to avoid too much UV exposure, since even a mild sunburn can damage pigmentation even months after your treatment.

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