What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

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Right now, there are 35 million men in the United States struggling with some form of hair loss. Hair loss is somewhat expected in terms of the male aging process, but that doesn’t mean it’s embraced or liked in any way. Fortunately, the ways that we cope with hair loss having changed, evolving beyond wigs and other types of hair replacement systems. Rather, real scientific treatments have evolved to help treat hair loss the same way that any other health problem would be. Perhaps one of the most exciting is platelet-rich plasma therapy.

What Is Plasma?

When thinking of plasma, think of the way that your blood is made up in terms of the liquid and what it carries. The liquid part of blood is largely made up of proteins and water, and that is plasma.

What Are Platelets?

Platelets, on the other hand, are specific types of blood cells. They cause blood clots, as well as other types of important healing processes. Note that ultimately, both plasma and platelets are related to regeneration.

What Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Mean?

When you get platelet rich plasma therapy, your own platelets will first be harvested through a simple procedure. Usually, this will involve drawing one or a few tubes of blood. These platelets will then be concentrated into a series of injections. These injections will be applied to the affected body tissue. In this case, the scalp would be targeted in order to ensure that hair loss was being treated effectively.

What does this do? Essentially, the number of regenerative cells in the body will be increased. These platelets are meant to stimulate restoration, which is exactly what those suffering from hair loss need when visiting the hair transplant clinic.

Additionally, these injections are minimally painful, easy to recover from, and simple to administer. At times, when a very specific area must be targeted, health professionals will use an ultrasound to guide their path. But this does not often need to be used when hair loss is being treated.

Healthy Results

The great thing about platelet-rich plasma therapy is that it stimulates new hair growth, rather than moving hair from one location of the body to another. This allows the body to return to its natural processes and rhythms. It is ultimately more sustainable and less intensive for the patient to endure. To get started treating your hair loss, contact LA FUE Hair Clinic today!

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