What to Consider Before Starting a Hair Transplant

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Are you thinking of getting a hair transplant? It’s not a small investment according to Gitnux: if you get one in the United States, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $15,000. Before you make any changes to your hair follicles, here are the most important things to consider:


When you’re looking into hair transplants, your hair loss should have reached a state of stability. If you’re on the younger side and you’re still losing hair, then a transplant may cause the results to look uneven. A hair loss expert can help you with this decision and allow you to feel comfortable you’re making the right one.

You can use the rest of your body as a case study for your head. Do you have thinning hair in other areas? This could indicate your head hair will begin to thin next, but consult with an expert before jumping to conclusions. Each person has different results when they get a hair transplant. Hair follicles seem to have a mind of their own at times.


You’re having a surgical procedure done when you get a hair transplant. It’s going to stay there permanently. You can wash and shampoo it like you do with other hairs on your head after the operational area has fully healed. While it may seem like the obvious choice, always be certain it’s the right choice for you.

Time Commitment

Your hair isn’t going to suddenly sprout out of your head after the procedure. It will take about eight months for the whole process to complete. In the end, you’ll see the full results and be glad you decided to take the leap of faith. Setting proper expectations at the beginning is paramount.

You must heed the directions your hair transplant surgeon provides, as it will help you through the entire process. You can always reach out to your doctor if you have questions or concerns. Always research fully before committing to the procedure so you’ll feel comfortable after your first consultation and throughout the process.

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