Micropigmentation: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?

Hair loss is incredibly common for men. It’s estimated that about 35 million men are going through some degree of hair loss in the U.S. alone. But while it’s not uncommon, hair loss can still be embarrassing, especially if you’re experiencing the dreaded receding hairline.

A lot of men deal with hair loss in the back or on top of their heads through strategic grooming. It can be more difficult to hide a receding hairline, even if you decide to shave your head. A receding or awkward hairline can remain quite prominent and noticeable after your head is shaved. This is why a lot of guys look into micropigmentation procedures. But what is micropigmentation? You may think of it as a hairline tattoo if you know anything about it in the first place, but it’s much more than that. Once you seek out a micropigmentation Los Angeles clinic, you may be surprised by how great your results can be.

What Is a Micropigmentation Procedure?

Lots of hair restoration specialists have been offering micropigmentation Los Angeles procedures for a while now, in part because it accommodates men who would prefer to keep their heads shaved, but dislike their hairlines as they are. Male hair loss specialists are often able to accomplish micropigmentation procedures in one day, with touch-ups as needed. During the procedure, tiny amounts of pigment are deposited in the dermal layer of the skin, which mimics the appearance of a real hairline on a shaved head. The results can be quite remarkable, and offer yet another option for men who would like to fight the appearance of balding.

How Does Micropigmentation Work? Is It Painful?

Due to its association with tattooing, there are sometimes some misconceptions or anxieties surrounding micropigmentation. But there is a reason why clinics for micropigmentation have become so popular. Essentially, micro-needles are used to deposit the pigment applied during a micropigmentation procedure. The pigment used during this procedure is not the same pigment used for a tattoo. Unlike tattoo ink, it won’t change color as it heals, and it is made to retain the look of real hair. It could lighten a bit over time, but it will retain the look of buzzed hair. Furthermore, the machines and needles used are different than those used for tattooing, designed to create the look of hair follicles perfectly. Furthermore, the procedure is often reported to be less painful than traditional tattoos. It’s minimally invasive and a fairly quick procedure.

Is Micropigmentation Only Meant For The Hairline?

Hair loss specialists can assess micropigmentation candidates on a case by case basis. Some micropigmentation Los Angeles clients like to have micropigmentation added to other areas on their heads. For example, a thinning spot on the top of the head could potentially be given the appearance of thicker hair through micropigmentation. Others actually use micropigmentation to camouflage their scars following a hair transplant. The main thing to remember is that while it adds pigmentation, the procedure cannot mimic long hairs. In that case, you may want to look into an actual hair transplant or hair replacement.

How Long Does Micropigmentation Last?

For the best results, in general, recommended that you don’t work out or sweat heavily for the week following a micropigmentation procedure. You should keep in mind that it needs time to heal, and for the pigmentation to settle in. After that, a micropigmentation procedure will last for about eight years, give or take some time. The natural exfoliation of your skin will cause it to fade at around that marker, but you are free to have it touched up or redone whenever you wish.

Micropigmentation is yet another procedure that can give guys the ability to feel comfortable with their appearances, and move forward without being embarrassed about hair loss. Its accessibility makes it a perfect fit for low-maintenance men who just want to feel better.

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