What Is Follicular Unit Extraction?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method that gets great results. This unique hair transplant method delivers the results that you need in a kinder, gentler way compared to other transplant methods.

A FUE transplant can help you to get results without having to deal with the potential side effects of other hair transplant methods. Follicular unit extraction can be the opportunity to restore your hair from a wide range of hair loss causes.

The Process

Follicular unit extraction is a method of collecting follicular units. Instead of using the skin for donor follicular units, the FUE method removes individual donor hairs from the donation site. In other words, you are not left with scarring and you do not have to endure a surgical procedure in this harvest method.

Of course, most patients want to know if the process is painful. The answer is no. Not only is it not painful but you do not need the days or weeks of recovery time either. You can leave the procedure and go right back to work or get right back to life.

About half of a man’s hair falls out before it is noticeable that he is balding. The sooner you act the better the preservation of your natural hair. With the FUE method, you can stop balding in its tracks.

The FUE Method and Recovery

Traditional hair transplant methods leave scarring behind and require periods of recovery that you just do not have to deal with when using the FUE method. After the questions about pain during the procedure the most popular question is “how long does the procedure take?” It depends. With extensive hair loss, you may have to attend several sessions that can be up to four hours long.

In other cases, one four hour session is enough. One thing is for certain most people that have gone through the FUE transplant process agree that it is well worth the time spent. FUE transplant Los Angeles patients love their results.

With this hair transplant system, the results get better and better with time. You can regrow your own hair. Learn more about follicular unit extraction and the benefits today.

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