What to Expect After a FUE Transplant

fue transplants

Fue transplants are helping people to get the hair restoration they need to feel really good about themselves. The typical Fue transplant procedure takes around eight hours to complete. What happens after the FUE transplants are done? What should you expect?

Immediately Following Fue Transplants

While the Fue hair transplant procedure is far less invasive than other transplant methods, you may still experience minimal bruising at the transplant site. This will disappear in two to four days. It is important that you do not touch the transplant area for a few days.

Pain is highly uncommon after. However, if you do experience any discomfort, an over-the-counter pain reliever will do the trick. Sleep with your head elevated the first few nights. After night four you can go back to your regular sleeping position.

Return to Activities

You can return to your normal activities right after a Fue procedure. You can go back to work or go to the gym. Whatever your normal routine is, there are no restrictions. However, for five to seven days, do not wipe or touch the transplant area. It will take about five to seven days for the transplanted hair to take fully.

When Will New Hair Growth Be Noticeable?

You can expect new hair growth to b noticeable in about two months. By four months you will see thicker, longer hair and by the twelve-month mark, your hair will be much thicker and longer. Fue transplants is a hair replacement method that lets you grow your natural hair so times do vary according to the natural cycle of your hair growth.

There Are Very Few Potential Complications

Fue transplants are less invasive than other transplant methods, which means the risk of complications is far less. At no point are surgical instruments used in the process. The procedure does not require that you are put under general anesthetic so there are no complications from anesthesia. This is a completely safe way to promote hair growth.

Learn more about the process, including what to expect after the procedure and how Fue transplants can give you back a head full of natural hair. Make an appointment today with a Fue transplant specialist.

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